Trollface Quest Trolltube: Ridiculous funny game that will make you laugh a lot

Trollface Quest Trolltube is pretty funny. It can be pretty frustrating sometimes because you don’t know what the heck it wants you to do, but that is part of the fun (sort of like Angry Birds, in that way). The drawings in this game are really interesting and cool, and the sound effects are very entertaining, as well. This is a pretty simple game, for the most part — with a very basic figure out and click format. It begins particularly simply, and gradually becomes a little more complex and challenging. That’s when it starts to get more and more fun. There is a lot of stuff that happens that’s surprising in it. To me, that’s a really great part of this game.

Unfortunately, because it is such a simple game in many ways, there is not all that much replay interest (at least not right away), except to bring your click count score down. However, it’s well worth a good play-through at least once. It’s good for a laugh, and it is really very funny to play around and/or with other people.

Something I thought was pretty cool was that I was playing this trollface game around my husband, and he got interested when he started hearing the sounds. He came over and started watching, and was very much enjoying laughing at the surprising elements of the game and helping me puzzle out each level. After we got through all the levels, he said, “Funny game!” and went to look for his phone to download it and play it, himself! Then when it was downloaded he said, “Wow, first game on my phone!” It was very surprising to me that this was such an interesting game to him that he actually chose to seek it out when he hadn’t even played games on his phone before. Awesome!

Unfortunately, when he opened up the app, a window popped up and asked for all sorts of permissions to access and share information from his Google Plus profile and things like that, which made him very uncomfortable. The application would not let him access the game without approving this request. Even with his interest in the game, it was absolutely not worth it to him, and so he deleted it without ever even getting to play it. Bummer!

All in all, Trollface Quest Trolltube is a ridiculous funny game that you can play for free in your browser, but maybe not worth it considering the requirements for download.

(via My Boss)