Are you or are you not a Crazy Climber?

Crazy Climber is a mobile game with a fairly interesting arcade style of gameplay. The first thing anyone will notice about the game is that it has very poorly done graphics. They look like something a child would draw but without the sophistication or consistency that would make you think the style is intentional. The poor graphics do sometimes affect gameplay in a negative way. The background music is fine once the game gets going. The sound effects are badly done. Everything sounds like a synthetic blip from an operating system instead of a noise you would hear while climbing. Continue reading

Spider Stickman 7: Clash of Clans

Spider Stickman 7: Clash of Clans is an interesting game that is going to make you feel like you are playing almost a medieval form of Spiderman. This game uses stick figures as all the characters, and you will be able to get through the game quickly while looking at different worlds that were set up with traditional graphics. You are going to have a good time playing this game because it is simple, and the seven versions of the game all lead up to the end of this version. Continue reading

Flappy Bird 2: Finally, there it is!!

Finally, after years of waiting, everyone’s most loved and most hated game has a sequel. Known as Flappy Bird 2, this follow up has proven to be just as frustratingly fun as its predecessor. The premise is very simple. You play as a bird that must navigate its way through a series of openings between rows of pipes. This is all done through a third person point of view and is designed to see you fail. Is there an ending? No one knows. All you’re told is to fly your way through this field of death as one touch of a pipe means starting over at the beginning. Continue reading