Touchdown Blast: A simple mobile game that offers fast-paced gameplay

The graphics in the game are actually very well done. Everything has a bright and cartoonish feeling without looking cheap. The animations are exceptionally smooth for a mobile game. The music that plays in the background of each level is appropriate and fits the mood of the game. The sound effects are minimal but seem fine as indicators of what is happening on the screen. The game even includes a very clear and basic tutorial so that you are not jumping into things blind. Continue reading

Are you or are you not a Crazy Climber?

Crazy Climber is a mobile game with a fairly interesting arcade style of gameplay. The first thing anyone will notice about the game is that it has very poorly done graphics. They look like something a child would draw but without the sophistication or consistency that would make you think the style is intentional. The poor graphics do sometimes affect gameplay in a negative way. The background music is fine once the game gets going. The sound effects are badly done. Everything sounds like a synthetic blip from an operating system instead of a noise you would hear while climbing. Continue reading

Sprint Club Nitro: Be the fastest car on the track

Sprint Club Nitro is a racing game where the goal is to be the fastest car and come in first place to proceed through the levels. Sprint Club Nitro can be found on various gaming websites and is free to play. It has a simple interface and uses only the left and right arrow keys to steer. This game has three different landscapes or zones each with a certain theme whether it be forest, city or desert. Within those zones there are three Continue reading