DoodieMan Agent – A Robust Game Wrapped in Scatological Humor

DoodieMan Agent is a surprisingly fun flash shooter. The player steps into the role of Doodie man in order to take on his foes. Doodieman is a spandex clad superhero of sorts, his entire body covered in a red outfit except for his exposed buttocks. From his rear end runs a hose to his weapon, and it predictably launches fecal matter towards his opponents. The game definitely runs with the joke, but underlying it is rather robust gameplay. Continue reading

Happy Wheels That Aren’t So Happy

When playing “Happy Wheels’, you’ll notice some funny things but, for the most part, you’ll find some bad things. To start, whether it’s the site that it’s on or the game itself, it doesn’t play very well. It may be the game because other games on the site play just fine.

Continue reading

Trollface Quest Trolltube: Ridiculous funny game that will make you laugh a lot

Trollface Quest Trolltube is pretty funny. It can be pretty frustrating sometimes because you don’t know what the heck it wants you to do, but that is part of the fun (sort of like Angry Birds, in that way). The drawings in this game are really interesting and cool, and the sound effects are very entertaining, as well. This is a pretty simple game, for the most part — with a very basic figure out and click format. Continue reading

Flappy Bird 2: Finally, there it is!!

Finally, after years of waiting, everyone’s most loved and most hated game has a sequel. Known as Flappy Bird 2, this follow up has proven to be just as frustratingly fun as its predecessor. The premise is very simple. You play as a bird that must navigate its way through a series of openings between rows of pipes. This is all done through a third person point of view and is designed to see you fail. Is there an ending? No one knows. All you’re told is to fly your way through this field of death as one touch of a pipe means starting over at the beginning. Continue reading

Fleeing The Complex! :D

Fleeing the Complex” is a Flash-based game where your character, a stick figure named Henry Stick, tries to escape a Soviet-style prison known simply as “The Wall.” Gameplay involves a refreshingly underused choose-your-own-adventure approach. While the first screen gives four options: choosing to wait for a transfer, boosting another prisoner up, playing dead or tackling a guard; these merely affect the next course of action that Henry can attempt. For example, choosing to wait for a transfer will result in Henry being thrown into a cell and presented with the choice to use a teleporter device, sonic pulse gun, hovering laser cutter, fake an illness, or eat a cookie designed after something out of Lewis Carol’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Continue reading

Can you Escape: The Game?

Escape The Game offers a charming but cynical amateur’s look into the adventure game genre, with enough snark and fourth wall-breaking shenanigans to keep even the most jaded adult amused. While not particularly original in terms of either mechanics or theme, the writing carries this game where it falters elsewhere, making for an amusing few hours for those with the patience for extended reading. Continue reading

Deal with the craziness of Super Sports Surgery: Basketball

Super Sports Surgery: Basketball is an intentionally silly game that puts you in the position of performing ridiculous medical procedures without the proper tools or training. The cartoonish hand-drawn graphics are actually very entertaining to look at. They are not overly graphic or morbid while still showing you the details needed to finish each level. There is a cute score playing in the background that constantly reminds you of the lighthearted theme of the game. The sound effects are quite good and help to guide you through what is going on. Continue reading