Euro Soccer Sprint: Surprisingly fun football game

Soccer fans will love this game with all the teams to choose from and the built-in obstacle course. There are a dozen teams including popular Germany, Spain, and Brazil. The screen has a roaming background of a stadium with sounds to match. Graphics are basic with the only animation found with the player with the ball. The field is not the typical one, but a single winding strip positioned in the center of the screen. Developers heightened the excitement factor by making the field move as the player runs forward. Continue reading

Eggs and Cars: A variation on the endless runner style of game

The production quality of the html5 game Eggs and Cars is very good and makes a difference. The graphics are simple, flat and two-dimensional. They are colorful and not overly muddled. This makes it much easier for you to see what is going and assess the hazards ahead of you. The background music is lighthearted, fun and a little quirky. This adds to the overall unusual concept of the game. There are just the barest sound effects throughout the game although you do not really notice. Continue reading

Happy Wheels That Aren’t So Happy

When playing “Happy Wheels’, you’ll notice some funny things but, for the most part, you’ll find some bad things. To start, whether it’s the site that it’s on or the game itself, it doesn’t play very well. It may be the game because other games on the site play just fine.

Continue reading

Flappy Bird 2: Finally, there it is!!

Finally, after years of waiting, everyone’s most loved and most hated game has a sequel. Known as Flappy Bird 2, this follow up has proven to be just as frustratingly fun as its predecessor. The premise is very simple. You play as a bird that must navigate its way through a series of openings between rows of pipes. This is all done through a third person point of view and is designed to see you fail. Is there an ending? No one knows. All you’re told is to fly your way through this field of death as one touch of a pipe means starting over at the beginning. Continue reading