Happy Wheels That Aren’t So Happy

When playing “Happy Wheels’, you’ll notice some funny things but, for the most part, you’ll find some bad things. To start, whether it’s the site that it’s on or the game itself, it doesn’t play very well. It may be the game because other games on the site play just fine.

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Are you or are you not a Crazy Climber?

Crazy Climber is a mobile game with a fairly interesting arcade style of gameplay. The first thing anyone will notice about the game is that it has very poorly done graphics. They look like something a child would draw but without the sophistication or consistency that would make you think the style is intentional. The poor graphics do sometimes affect gameplay in a negative way. The background music is fine once the game gets going. The sound effects are badly done. Everything sounds like a synthetic blip from an operating system instead of a noise you would hear while climbing. Continue reading

Trollface Quest Trolltube: Ridiculous funny game that will make you laugh a lot

Trollface Quest Trolltube is pretty funny. It can be pretty frustrating sometimes because you don’t know what the heck it wants you to do, but that is part of the fun (sort of like Angry Birds, in that way). The drawings in this game are really interesting and cool, and the sound effects are very entertaining, as well. This is a pretty simple game, for the most part — with a very basic figure out and click format. Continue reading