is an excellent way to pass the time

When you first launch, you’ll end up with more questions than answers. “What am I doing?” will likely go through your head a few times, followed by “Why did I die?” These initial thoughts are mainly due to the sink or swim attitude of, tossing you right into the game with only the vaguest of instructions. Continue reading

Agario rocks!

Agario is the latest sensation when matters related to being the most intriguing free online game are concerned. This game is horribly addictive. On a light note, it is advisable only to try playing it when one is not about to start doing something else. This massive for all game involves every player trying to eat all others. Although this game is relatively new, it is one of the most famous online games at the moment. Everyone is trying it out and there is a joke that goes around that a teacher who tries playing it might end up getting eaten by his student who is poorest in the subject he teaches. Continue reading