New Cool Game Shoot Up Is Now Available Online!

Silvergames’ Shoot Up is one of the most interesting cannon games. Mixing the simple, vertical gameplay popularized decades ago by space invaders with an upgrade system makes for a replayable and enjoyable game.

Shoot Up has players controlling a small block at the bottom of the screen that is consistently shooting upwards. Lines of different color blocks descend from the top of the screen, each with a number on them. This number is the amount of damage that must be done to the block to break it. Players must avoid touching any of these blocks, or the round will end. This forces prioritizing blocks with lower numbers, in order to avoid being hit. Players can increase the damage they do and the speed at which they fire either by collecting power-ups that randomly appear or by buying upgrades between rounds with the points they’ve earned.

The core gameplay is simple but extremely addictive. Its very easy to settle into a rhythm while playing the game, and while death is frequent, it never becomes frustrating, as it is extremely quick and simple to restart. It always feels like you’re making progress, even when you die, as points earned are kept between rounds and used in the upgrade system. The upgrade system is simple, but it creates a consistent and very enjoyable sense of progress that prevents the game from ever becoming boring and ensures players remain invested. All in all, Shoot Up is an extremely enjoyable time-killer.

Every element of the game is extremely focused, and never attempts to be more complex than it needs to be It never feels lazy or rushed. Instead, it feels like a game that knows exactly what it wants to be, and knows the most efficient way to achieve that. The result is something that is free, easy to grasp but hard to master, and extremely addictive.