Fun Addicting Christmas Racing In 3D Monster Trucks: Icy Roads!

3D Monster Trucks: IcyRoads is an incredibly fun single or multi-player online flash game offering easy to understand controls and an array of bright as well as diverse colors. Good for any casual online gamer, this game brings a world-wide interest to your computer screen and puts you in the drivers seat of a gigantic monster truck.

Depending on which mode you decide to play in, the controls will vary and pan out in a way that allows two people seated side-by-side to comfortably engage in the multiplayer function. This keeps the player familiar whether they’re alone or with some friends. To drive, you simply use the directional keys. Shift provides a nitro boost, while space sends your monster truck into drift, making sharp turns and corners much smoother and easier to navigate. And what would monster truck games be without it’s own set of tricks? Using very familiar action keys for any online gamer(U, X, and C), the vehicle will perform highly rated tricks, raising the player’s score.

When playing 3D Monster Trucks: IcyRoads with a friend, the controls remain somewhat similar but are altered to suit the comfort of each player involved. For player one to drive, the D, X, C, and U keys are used. In order to perform tricks, pressing A will activate them. To push past your opponet and charge a nitro, you’d do as if you were playing single player and press shift. Player two’s controls are more similar to the sigle player controls in the sense that directional keys control the driving. The differences are in the nitro, and the tricks. For tricks, P, and for a nitro boost, O. The multi player option also allows for a split-screen affect so each player may have the same advantages, as well as reach the finish line full focus.

As you progress through each level in 3D Monster Trucks: IcyRoads, the following level is unlocked. This gives the player a sense of accomplishment as they can monitor the progress made on any previous courses, while offering them new and inviting challenges. Not only are courses unlockable, but there are also different trucks to unlock depending on level reached. A holiday themed truck is even included once the player reaches level seven.

Whether you have an affinity for racing games or not, 3D Monster Trucks: IcyRoads is an absolute blast to play and can certainly help pass time with it’s entertaining and capturing qualities.