Eggs and Cars: A variation on the endless runner style of game

The production quality of the html5 game Eggs and Cars is very good and makes a difference. The graphics are simple, flat and two-dimensional. They are colorful and not overly muddled. This makes it much easier for you to see what is going and assess the hazards ahead of you. The background music is lighthearted, fun and a little quirky. This adds to the overall unusual concept of the game. There are just the barest sound effects throughout the game although you do not really notice.

The basic concept of this game is that you are in control of some type of car or truck. There is an egg, a really large egg on the top of your vehicle. You need to drive forward as far as you can go without allowing the egg to roll off the top of your car. The only thing you have assisting you is a type of cradle on the car roof. This is basically just two low walls spaced apart. The egg will bounce off those walls as it rolls around although it can also easily bounce over them in the right situation. The game uses a basic physics engine to determine the movements of your car and the egg.

Eggs and Cars” is really a test of your skill and not much else. The two controls in the game are to move the car forward or backward. If you accelerate forward, then the egg rolls back in the rack. The opposite is true when you go in reverse. The road that you are following starts to become very uneven and hilly. You are going to encounter points where your vehicle is at an angle. This can sometimes force the egg over the walls of the rack. The game ends if you drop the egg. Skillful maneuvering and using the reverse button can rescue eggs before they hit the ground.

Your ultimate goal is to travel as many meters as you can without dropping the egg. That is it. You can unlock 10 new vehicles along the way by either collecting coins on the screen or reaching certain distance milestones. There really is not much wrong with the game. Coins do sometimes appear below the road so that they are impossible to get but this happens rarely. The gameplay is somewhat soothing since there is no timer. “Eggs and Cars” is a fun endless runner that anyone can enjoy.