Can You Survive In The Wilderness In The Cool New Game Tiger Simulator 3D?

Tiger Simulator 3D a new free-to-play animal simulator game hosted by After selecting the sex of your tiger and naming them, you’ll go through a tutorial on movement, quests, other key aspects of the game. The premise of the game is that you are a young tiger looking to create a family of your own. You’ll do this by meeting up with other tigers, befriending them, and eventually having cubs of your own.

Throughout the Tiger Simulator 3D, you’ll defeat enemies and perform quests to gain both meat and gold. Meat is used to heal yourself after battle or to increase the experience of your family members. With experience, your tigers can level up and can increase attack, energy, or health attributes. Gold is used to give you or the rest of your ambush (a term for a group of tigers) different upgrades. The upgrades include things like increased hit points, damage, speed, and greater efficiency at collecting gold. Gold is also used to change the appearance of your tigers and there are numerous skins and accessories to choose from.

Similar to many games of the action/RPG genre, in the Tiger Simulator 3D the view is 3rd person, with the camera behind the 3D rendered tiger at the center of the screen. Moving and attacking with your tiger is intuitive and the keys you’ll use are likely similar to other games you’ve probably played. A map with indicators for quests and other animals is included, making navigation easy as well.

Tiger Simulator 3D’s graphics are colorful and you start out in a tropical land replete with palm trees and blue water. While the tigers and animals you encounter are well done, the humans you meet are graphically similar to early 1980’s 3D graphics (Dire Straits comes to mind). The ambient sound effects are nice, but the roar and movement of the tigers are particularly strong.

Earning gold from the quests can be tedious, but the variety of quests is good and there is an hourly gold bonus that will help you earn cash. My favorite feature of the game is that as your tiger family expands you have new allies to fight alongside you! The variety of unlockables gives high replayability and adds to the fun of the game. If you are into the action/RPG genre, give Tiger Simulator 3D a try!