Become A Professional Assassin In Game!

Enter the world of master assassins with The mobsters are represented in full numbers with this top-down multiplayer shooting game. Start your climb to the top of the shooter chain as you strive for supremacy. The game begins with character selection, allowing you to take the identity of a select assassin. The character choice allows you many different options, providing the user the perfect mask to their contributions in this world of calculated, dog-eat-dog battle.

You begin the campaign in Bruh IO game armed with a pistol. This weapon of choice can be upgraded throughout your journey. The map provides a wide horizon of deception and deceitfulness. You can travel to particular locations, providing you with a cover in time of need and deception in time of the attack. Your travel is guided by keyboard or letter controls, with the desired preference being left in the hands of the user.

Each competition begins in a world of 20 different competitors. The goal is to execute these players and lower the food chain of other assassins. Each time you execute the opponent, you become eligible for weapons upgrades and health advantages. The object is to outlast the competition via executions or applying the correct diversion strategies. Each map provides in the user with different hiding spots or outposts to set-up execution measures for defeating the competition.

Entering the game places you in a world against 19 different assassins. These settings can be adjusted via the friend mode setting. This allows you to compete against players across the world or key on a group of select assassins that can be assembled by the user. Compete against the top competition on a worldwide basis or narrow the competition to a group of friends.

Each time you execute a kill, you will be afforded the luxury of being able to pick up the competition’s weaponry and shield options. Act quickly and swiftly as the map minimalizes as the player pool decreases. Each time a player is removed from the competition the map size decreases. Move quickly as the downsize poses a health risk to the user. If the user does not reach the desired map point during the downsize, they will find themselves face-to-face with defeat.

This competitive online game is an adventure for friends competing for supremacy and for those looking to take on the online ranks. Find your place in the world of specialized assassins in the world of