Become a Lone Wolf In The Cool Online Wolf Simulator!

Wolf Simulator is essentially an open-world role-playing game in which you take on the role of a wolf. As you progress, your wolf will level up, gain abilities and become more powerful. Earning experience isn’t just limited to kills. There are quests and a story too. There’s an entire wolf den you’ll eventually be responsible for, and doing what’s right for them may even put you at odds with a nearby town.

When the Wolf Simulator game begins, you’ll pick a name for your wolf and its gender. A brief tutorial will teach you how to use left click to attack and WASD to move—which can be a tad clunky. Press shift to run and space to jump. Green exclamation marks indicate quests available to you. You can see them in the distance but also spot them on the mini-map, which is situated in the upper-right-hand corner. You can choose to run around and attack prey, but it’s the quests that will progress the game forward.

3D graphics in simulator games often don’t fare well within the Flash environment, but the developer has done a solid job here. There game is really attractive for the most part. The 3D models are cartoonish, but that aesthetic works better within these limitations. The animations are strong too. As your wolf strides across the plains, he or she looks good doing it. The combat, however, tends to lack precision, though. Note that if you do have problems running the game, there’s a Medium and Low graphics option as well.

Audio is another area where Wolf Simulator excels. The music fades in and out as needed and never lingers too long. Ambient sounds like birds and running water help set the atmosphere. Your growls, attacks and paths through various terrain all sound quite good as well.

Wolf Simulator is an ambitious game that manages to be successful for the most part despite any limitations of the flash environment. The story and quests are reasonably good, and players who like RPG trappings will get into building up their alpha and his pack. Combat can be a bit of chore, and that does hinder the experience at some important moments. Another issue is the apparent lack of a save option, which is surprising since the story seems pretty meaty.