Play Cool Fun Games Online For Free!

Have you ever wanted to be a cat, flying across a desert? What about the driver of a bus? Or even someone who plays basketball with One of the most diverse genres for games is the category of fun games, games that are meant to completely surprise you with the amount of varieties you can come across. This is also a way to express the seemingly endless limits of the imagination, with so many of the fun game categories being exemplary of the most enjoyable games you can find! Continue reading

Play Like Michael Jordan In The Cool Basketball Games!

As you can imagine, basketball games are a mixed bag for browsers. Because the games are so movement and physics-heavy, there aren’t a lot of realistic simulations out there. If you boil the game down to its basics, though, you’ll find that there are plenty of great basketball games to play on your browser for free. The category of Basketball Games has fifty different games, most of which fall into one of two categories. You’re not going to find a hardcore representation of the game here, but you will find something that might satisfy your craving for a good basketball game.

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Can You Survive In The Wilderness In The Cool New Game Tiger Simulator 3D?

Tiger Simulator 3D a new free-to-play animal simulator game hosted by After selecting the sex of your tiger and naming them, you’ll go through a tutorial on movement, quests, other key aspects of the game. The premise of the game is that you are a young tiger looking to create a family of your own. You’ll do this by meeting up with other tigers, befriending them, and eventually having cubs of your own.

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Become a Lone Wolf In The Cool Online Wolf Simulator!

Wolf Simulator is essentially an open-world role-playing game in which you take on the role of a wolf. As you progress, your wolf will level up, gain abilities and become more powerful. Earning experience isn’t just limited to kills. There are quests and a story too. There’s an entire wolf den you’ll eventually be responsible for, and doing what’s right for them may even put you at odds with a nearby town.

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Explore The Capital Of Germany In The Cool Game German Tram Simulator!

Explore Germany in a unique way as the operator of a tram in the cool game German Tram Simulator. The details of the tram are impressive, making you feel like you’re really in control and on the tracks. The weather changes on occasion. Sometimes, it’s sunny when you start and raining by the end of the day. The details of the facial expressions of the people who ride the tram are realistic. Sounds are also designed to make you think that you’re in some of the largest cities in Germany.

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Become A Professional Assassin In Game!

Enter the world of master assassins with The mobsters are represented in full numbers with this top-down multiplayer shooting game. Start your climb to the top of the shooter chain as you strive for supremacy. The game begins with character selection, allowing you to take the identity of a select assassin. The character choice allows you many different options, providing the user the perfect mask to their contributions in this world of calculated, dog-eat-dog battle.

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Join The Stickman Army And Fight For Life!

There are a few basic types of stickman games that have stood the test of time. One of them is a simple defense game that requires the player to protect a wall, fortress, or other structure from incoming waves of enemies. The player is usually outfitted with one or more weapons to fend off the enemies, but the real test of the player’s ability comes down to resource management and timing. While these games are ubiquitous, there are a number of twists on the formula. One game that has a reasonably good twist is Stickman Army, a browser game that boils the game down to its basics.

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