Eggs and Cars: A variation on the endless runner style of game

The production quality of the html5 game Eggs and Cars is very good and makes a difference. The graphics are simple, flat and two-dimensional. They are colorful and not overly muddled. This makes it much easier for you to see what is going and assess the hazards ahead of you. The background music is lighthearted, fun and a little quirky. This adds to the overall unusual concept of the game. There are just the barest sound effects throughout the game although you do not really notice. Continue reading

DoodieMan Agent – A Robust Game Wrapped in Scatological Humor

DoodieMan Agent is a surprisingly fun flash shooter. The player steps into the role of Doodie man in order to take on his foes. Doodieman is a spandex clad superhero of sorts, his entire body covered in a red outfit except for his exposed buttocks. From his rear end runs a hose to his weapon, and it predictably launches fecal matter towards his opponents. The game definitely runs with the joke, but underlying it is rather robust gameplay. Continue reading