Spider Stickman 7: Clash of Clans

Spider Stickman 7: Clash of Clans is an interesting game that is going to make you feel like you are playing almost a medieval form of Spiderman. This game uses stick figures as all the characters, and you will be able to get through the game quickly while looking at different worlds that were set up with traditional graphics. You are going to have a good time playing this game because it is simple, and the seven versions of the game all lead up to the end of this version. Continue reading

Flappy Bird 2: Finally, there it is!!

Finally, after years of waiting, everyone’s most loved and most hated game has a sequel. Known as Flappy Bird 2, this follow up has proven to be just as frustratingly fun as its predecessor. The premise is very simple. You play as a bird that must navigate its way through a series of openings between rows of pipes. This is all done through a third person point of view and is designed to see you fail. Is there an ending? No one knows. All you’re told is to fly your way through this field of death as one touch of a pipe means starting over at the beginning. Continue reading

Fleeing The Complex! :D

Fleeing the Complex” is a Flash-based game where your character, a stick figure named Henry Stick, tries to escape a Soviet-style prison known simply as “The Wall.” Gameplay involves a refreshingly underused choose-your-own-adventure approach. While the first screen gives four options: choosing to wait for a transfer, boosting another prisoner up, playing dead or tackling a guard; these merely affect the next course of action that Henry can attempt. For example, choosing to wait for a transfer will result in Henry being thrown into a cell and presented with the choice to use a teleporter device, sonic pulse gun, hovering laser cutter, fake an illness, or eat a cookie designed after something out of Lewis Carol’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Continue reading

Sprint Club Nitro: Be the fastest car on the track

Sprint Club Nitro is a racing game where the goal is to be the fastest car and come in first place to proceed through the levels. Sprint Club Nitro can be found on various gaming websites and is free to play. It has a simple interface and uses only the left and right arrow keys to steer. This game has three different landscapes or zones each with a certain theme whether it be forest, city or desert. Within those zones there are three Continue reading