Can you Escape: The Game?

Escape The Game offers a charming but cynical amateur’s look into the adventure game genre, with enough snark and fourth wall-breaking shenanigans to keep even the most jaded adult amused. While not particularly original in terms of either mechanics or theme, the writing carries this game where it falters elsewhere, making for an amusing few hours for those with the patience for extended reading. Continue reading

Business Simulator: May you become successful in the World of business

Business Simulator is an idle clicker game broken down into the most basic elements. The graphics are very simple. They consist of just the most basic menu options with a few icons to show the items you are dealing with. One of the areas where Business Simulator excels is with the music. The music in the background is actually very nice. It is reminiscent of many 80s songs with a slightly techno beat. The sound effects, however, are almost non-existent. This leaves you feeling like you are in a very sterile world. Continue reading

Red Crucible 2: A must for those who like playing first-person shooting games

Red Crucible 2 is a polished tactical multiplayer first-person shooter. It is much more professional and enjoyable than other titles that have been released in recent years. The graphics are good although they are not the same quality as what you would see in a triple-A or console title. The animations are complete and smooth. You never have a problem discerning what is happening or what another player is doing. There are also few graphical glitches or clipping problems. The sound effects and music are acceptable although all the voices during a match sound the same. Continue reading