Euro Soccer Sprint: Surprisingly fun football game

Soccer fans will love this game with all the teams to choose from and the built-in obstacle course. There are a dozen teams including popular Germany, Spain, and Brazil. The screen has a roaming background of a stadium with sounds to match. Graphics are basic with the only animation found with the player with the ball. The field is not the typical one, but a single winding strip positioned in the center of the screen. Developers heightened the excitement factor by making the field move as the player runs forward. Continue reading

SkyDale – Adventure Game

Computer gaming is quickly becoming one of the staples of the American household. Rather than spending the evening watching television, many people will instead elect to spend their evening being interactive. Games such as SkyDale allow for that. After all, it is better to be interactive than to blankly and dully stare at the television screen. Computer games such as SkyDale build one’s intellectual capacity, reflexes, emotions, and provide them an opportunity for creativity and critical thinking. Beyond that, it is a very enjoyable way for on to spend his or her evening. SkyDale has a lot of great features that have compelled many people. Continue reading

Touchdown Blast: A simple mobile game that offers fast-paced gameplay

The graphics in the game are actually very well done. Everything has a bright and cartoonish feeling without looking cheap. The animations are exceptionally smooth for a mobile game. The music that plays in the background of each level is appropriate and fits the mood of the game. The sound effects are minimal but seem fine as indicators of what is happening on the screen. The game even includes a very clear and basic tutorial so that you are not jumping into things blind. Continue reading